Rotary Youth Driver Awareness

Rotary Youth Driver Awareness was well attended. Schools in Kingborough were guided through each challenge. James Baldwin was the 40 000 th student to take part.

Rotary volunteers play an important role at RYDA days by acting as guides for each of the student groups participating in the six program sessions. Rotarians with good organisational skills and availability for a long-term commitment to the Program also assist by accepting a role as Day Manager at our various RYDA venues.





Rotary Clubs also provide direct financial support to the RYDA Program through donations from the community – identifying the RYDA road safety education program as the focus of a Rotary Club fundraising activity creates a positive image in the community and attracts good community support.

Very importantly, the involvement of Rotary assists us to minimise operational costs and therefore helping to ensure that the RYDA Program remains accessible and affordable for all young people in the community.  RSE and Rotary Clubs across Australia and New Zealand are proud to be working together to help make our roads a safer place.